Soulful retreat Bali


The view from the giant bean bag in Villa Japun Gaya Fusion Resort, Ubud


Brain Space

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fresh country air

I spent the weekend at a rural show south of Darwin. The state of my very dusty feet illustrates the not-so-fresh environment around here at this time of year.

fred’s pass, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.

What’s also fresh at the show? A lot of this:

fred’s pass, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.
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getting fresh

Me and my beloved fiancé getting fresh for self portrait challenge.

More freshness here

getting fresh, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.
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all-day fresh

This was the first thing that came to mind with the prompt fresh.

fresh, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.

more freshness here

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absurd alone

I love my fiancĂ© dearly but I always look forward to the odd night alone when he’s working. I plan to leave the TV off (oh how I hate the blasted thing!), read a book, paint something, take the dog for a run, knit, sew, clean my office, do a little work…. what do I always end up doing? nothin’ – watching a movie, or TV and missing him…

alone, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.
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absurd hobbies

I live in tropical north Australia, and I knit. I don’t need scarves, or hats, sweaters, mittens or blankies; everyone I know down south already has plenty of my knitted goods. Our house is supplied with knitted beer coolers and coasters and this fuzzy creation isn’t a hat but a kitty-pi cat bed (although I suspect Brian won’t give up his spot on my laptop cover). What an earth can I knit now? it’s an absurd way to spend the tropical summertime.

What else is absurd? check here

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SPC – Absurd

This is me – belly dancing in public. I swore when I started taking classes that I’d have fun doing it but NEVER dance in public – especially since i live in such a small town – “oh wait, isn’t that my university lecturer with her belly hanging out over there?”.

Less than a year later – not only am I dancing in public, I’m voluntarily wearing blue glitter eyeshadow.

For the record I had an absolute blast, as absurd as I must’ve looked.

bellydance concert, originally uploaded by Fred Nerk.
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